Gumbellinas have created a magical place for babies, children & adults to learn, sing, move, create & make friendships through classes that have been set out for age groups 6 months –8yrs for both boys and girls.

Our classes are unique in the sense that we at Gumbellinas offer small groups of little people so each child gets the attention they deserve. All children and adults will learn, have fun, and be creative and imaginative in a happy, caring and nurturing environment.

Gumbellinas is a sweet and magical introduction to the Performing Arts as we offer many classes such as Dance, Ballet, Music and Art & Craft for ages 6mths – 8yrs for both boys and girls. We like to keep things simple with an emphasis of growing, developing and making friends. Gumbellinas don’t hold an annual concert, public performances or the like. Instead we consider every class a performance where the children can come dressed as their favourite fairy princess, ballerina tutu or superhero.

At the end of each term parents that have been relaxing in the Gumbellinas waiting area have the opportunity to come and sit in on the classes so as to see what the children have been working on, the children adore being watched by family and friends on viewing day.

Gumbellinas Philosophy

Gumbellinas aim is to provide a happy, safe and friendly environment for both children and adults. We encourage each child to be creative, imaginative and explore all aspects of our special little classes.

Through our structured, themed and fun classes we will provide your child with the ability to develop social skills, group involvement, expression and confidence.

We have a strong view on being Active, Moving and Creating. We offer classes to suit each individual. Whether they like to dance to the beat, fly like a fairy or create a painted masterpiece Gumbellinas have all the resources to achieve just that.

We encourage adults to attend our younger aged classes as well as the Music and Art & Craft classes. Your child will create a special bond with you and will always turn to you for encouragement. It’s lovely to be able to see your child learn, develop and use their skills that they have learnt at Gumbellinas when at home.

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