Gumbell Music Bubs
6 – 12mths
45 Minute Class
*Adult Participation during class

Baby Maestros is designed to develop confidence with the encouragement of their parent/carer. The music used during the class is themed on a fortnightly basis and both the children and adults are introduced to music from all around the world. Lap rides, movement activities, scarf peek a boo, puppets and toys are incorporated during the class which will encourage focus. We use two percussion instruments each week as well as exploring the Gathering Drum at the beginning of the class as a group.

Gumbell Music Minis
12mths – 2.5yrs
45 Minute Class
*Adult Participation during class

Mini Maestros is a class to help develop social skills as well as individual and group confidence. Themed music is introduced on a fortnightly basis which encourages language and listening skills. We will play games, movement dances, puppet play, and obstacle course and include activities to help with counting and balancing. Musical activities with percussion instruments lead to understanding music elements such as tempo, beat, pitch and style.

What To Wear

During the music classes we spend a lot time on the floor mats as well as some movement exercises, dancing and group activities. Students and adults can wear something comfortable and easy to move around in and being able to move up and down with ease.

During music class adults and children remove their shoes before commencing activities, just ask Miss Nat where to leave your belongings, adults and children can leave their socks on.

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