Class Etiquette
• Please Be Punctual

Arriving on time for your child’s class allows them to settle into their group. It can sometimes be overwhelming to a child to enter an already active class and may be hesitant in joining in.


• Toilet

Please take your child to the toilet just before class. This will help minimise disruption throughout the lesson. Should your child need to use the toilet during class, a staff member will advise you.


• Adult Participation

Adults participating in a Gumbellinas class with their child are asked to please keep talking to a minimum. It can be somewhat difficult to speak over adults and instruct the group on activities with lots of chatter


• Food + Drinks

For safety and health reasons students/adults are not permitted to bring food or hot/ cold beverages to the room in which classes are held. A small bottle of water for the students is fine to consume at their Drink Break in the designated area.

Class Viewing
• Class Viewing

At Gumbellinas majority of our classes are accompanied by adults for Adult Participation and Adult Encouragement. Parents of New students are welcome to watch for the initial one or two classes. Once your child is settled, adults or parents are asked to wait in the Adult area during class time. For most of the Dance & Ballet Classes the children attend their class with the Teacher whilst their carer waits in the Adult area at the venue but you are still able to have a sneaky peek if you wish.


• Viewing Day

At the end of each term parents, grandparents, relatives and friends are welcome to come along to class and see what the children have been learning during that term. The children love to see members of their family come along and watch them. A quiet and appreciative audience is always welcome so please keep talking to a minimum.


• Photography & Video

Photos and video of your child is accepted on Viewing Day only. Please only photograph/video your child unless cleared with the other parents beforehand.


• Adult Participation

Many of Gumbellinas classes require the participation of adults during class. Adults participation encourages and helps your child learn. Gumbellinas strongly encourage adults to join in on all songs, movement and games. Your child will always look up to you for encouragement so it makes a big difference when adults play an active role during class.


• Encouragement

Remember to always encourage your child and be mindful not to comment on the negative.


• Words of Encouragement

It’s always nice when the adults use phrases such as :

“Good Job”

“Wow! Your touching your nose”

“Great balancing”

“You listened so well during class today”

If we focus on positive words rather than negative the children will achieve and learn a whole lot more in a nurturing environment.


• Observing

Sometimes we have our good days and then others bad days. This is the same with children. If for whatever reason they decide they don’t wish to participate and would rather sit and observe this is totally fine and will re-join the group when they are


• Siblings

Gumbellinas prefer that siblings are not present whilst your other child is attending. Having siblings present, especially younger is disruptive to the group. No siblings is highly recommended for Art + Craft as it is somewhat difficult for the Adult/Carer to assist the enrolled child whilst tyring to mind the other child as well. This is also due to safety issues as well as small objects being easily accessible to small children.


• Adult Participation

As previously mentioned adult participation requires you to be physically active for the duration of the class. This can be somewhat difficult if a baby/sibling is present and comprises the ability of the enrolled child. Having your other child minded is recommended.


• Food

Gumbellinas are a NUT FREE venue so if you like to bring a snack box for your child please be sure they don’t contain nuts. Gumbellinas would prefer you don’t pack the following for your child :

- Sultanas

- Mamee Noodles

- Sticky Lollies


• Refunds & Credits

No refunds or credits are given for missed classes for any reason. If you cannot attend a class due to illness or holiday you must advise Gumbellinas and a make-up lesson will be arranged. The make-up class must be attended within the same term as the dates you were absent.


• Enrolling

By enrolling into a Gumbellinas class you have agreed to pay all fees by the due date as specified on your invoice.


• Missed Classes

Once the term has started students who miss or withdraw before the end of the term are obligated to pay the term in full.


• Make Up Classes

If you cannot attend a class during the term due to illness or holidays you must advise Gumbellinas ASAP. We DO NOT offer a Credit for classes missed but you can attend a make-up lesson on an alternative day provided there are vacancies within that class. If you know you will be away for specific dates during your booked term you are obliged to pay for the term in full and a make-up class will be allocated accordingly.


• Casual Classes

Gumbellinas offer CASUAL classes for all our Activities. The CASUAL rate is different to regular attending students. Should you wish to attend a casual class you are advised to book in advance.


• Trial Lessons

A Free Trial Lesson is provided to those wishing to enrol into a class but unsure of what style of class to attend. This offer is not valid if you already attended the class in the previous year.


• Consents

By enrolling with Gumbellinas you give permission for your child’s photographed or recorded image to be used for Gumbellinas advertising purposes online, website and social media. Children’s names will not be released. Dance is a physical activity and teachers may have to assist your child in the understanding of an action, position etc. You consent to Gumbellinas and their staff in assisting/having contact with your child in this regard.


• Waiver

Whilst all due care is taken at Gumbellinas by enrolling at Gumbellinas you agree to release Gumbellinas and their employees from liability for any injuries that may incur to yourself or your child whilst attending classes at Gumbellinas.

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